General Household


Do you need to organise your laundry to utilise your storage and declutter the space? Adjustable shelves and drawers are a great way to hide clutter and create more storage.

Bench tops are just as important whether you are making a statement or for practicality we use stone, laminate or stainless steel.  Why not create a comfortable space where you don’t think of it as just a laundry, but as a functional, creative area that is used for more than just washing your clothes!


Looking for something a little different that fits you style, then talk to the team at Lambruk, as we specialise in custom designs to suit your needs.

Storage is always at a premium in a home, we design to utilise every space available to maximise your storage and usage.  We design wardrobes to your needs! Whether its an entire walk in robe or compact wardrobe we provide you with the best results possible.


From timber to steel we can design your staircase to either be a feature or to blend in with the existing design of your house.